For the intuitive risk she took to build a thriving and impactful organization, we will be honoring Aimée Eubanks Davis with the Choose Creativity Award for Intuitive Education. As CEO of Braven, Aimée has built an organization supporting low-income and first-generation college students in landing meaningful careers post-graduation. Her experience of witnessing her former 6th grade students struggle to transition from college to career coupled with nearly a decade of overseeing Teach For America’s human capital and diversity initiatives, led her to found Braven. Recently, Aimée became just one of twenty 2019 Obama Foundation Fellows.

For inspiring a renewed interest and passion for the natural world, we will be honoring Hope Jahren with the Choose Creativity Award for Inspired Science. An award-winning scientist and professor of paleobiology, Hope has founded research labs at four universities, raising funds and scrounging spare parts to build one-of-a-kind lab instruments. Her acclaimed memoir, Lab Girl, is “a book about seeing — with the eyes, but also the hands and the heart.” (American Scientist) Hope advocates for public awareness of science, working to lift the stereotype surrounding women and girls in science.

For developing a prolific body of work and giving musicians a venue to authentically experiment and express themselves, we will be honoring John Zorn with the Choose Creativity Award for Inventive Music. As an avant-garde composer, producer and musician, John has worked tirelessly to help other artists while actively leading as an artist himself. From founding The Stone, a not-for-profit performance initiative dedicated to artists’ freedom of expression, to starting the record label Tzadik and book series Arcana, to composing 613 pieces for his Jewish music-inspired jazz project Masada.

For bringing an honest, open and thoughtful approach to the corporate world, we will be honoring Kristin Lemkau with the Choose Creativity Award for Authentic Leadership. As Chief Marketing Officer for JPMorgan Chase, Kristin helps lead a company of over 250,000 employees, touching half of all US households, with courageous authenticity. Kristin's creativity infuses her organization's storytelling and marketing science with intuition and heart. She also is unafraid to use her voice to promote gun safety, support women in the workplace and help alleviate poverty.

For transforming himself and others through costume, makeup and performance, we will be honoring Sutan Amrull with the Choose Creativity Award for Expressive Artistry. Sutan, winner of the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, assembles eye-stopping costumes in the blink of an eye. Sutan is also a world-class makeup artist, serving for years on America’s Next Top Model. Performing in autobiographical solo shows as Raja, Sutan empowers others through authentic storytelling. He is a role model for youth who feel differently about their identity.

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