Master SuperArtists

Master SuperArtists exemplify SuperArtist principles. Master SuperArtists use their creativity to provide inspiration to a large audience and serve as examples for other SuperArtists. They use their creative vision to have an impact on individuals and communities in unique ways, beyond the walls of an art gallery or museum. They show deep skills in their work and communicate their intention eloquently. They are excellent ambassadors for their projects and for the Lulu & Leo Fund. 


The Master SuperArtist Grant

The Master SuperArtist grant is an invitation-only award. The Lulu & Leo Fund selects one Master SuperArtist per year to receive funding for a special project that embodies SuperArtist principles. The Master SuperArtist grant recipient also collaborates with the Fund to form unique programming around her or his body of work.


Requirements and Eligibility

Master SuperArtists provide their expertise to help develop and inspire other budding SuperArtists. They help the Fund develop workshop curriculum and challenges around their current projects, and generally help the Fund spread the SuperArtist message.


Master SuperArtists are required to provide detailed documentation of the use of funds at the end of the grant period in a report provided by the Lulu & Leo Fund.


Master SuperArtists must be practicing artists with a current project for which they are seeking funding. Master SuperArtists must agree to develop SuperArtist programming and events around their current project.


Melissa McGill has been exhibiting her artwork internationally since 1991 including one-person exhibitions at White Cube, London; Power House, Memphis; and CRG Gallery, New York, which represents her work in the United States. She is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. Her work involves an interdisciplinary process, primarily incorporating drawing, sculpture, and sound to explore the space between absence and presence, bringing to light the overlooked, hidden, or lost aspects of architecture, found objects, and historically significant works of art. Since moving to Beacon in 2007, and through the process of raising a family, she has become increasingly passionate about art in public spaces and its ability to contribute to communities in a larger sense.

2015 Lulu & Leo Fund Master SuperArtist

Melissa McGill

Imagine yourself and thousands of others experiencing the emergence of a new constellation over a unique island in the Hudson River. Every evening, as the sun goes down, starry lights emerge one by one with the stars of the night sky. Hovering around the perimeter of the Bannerman castle ruin, these lighted points refer to features of the structure still standing, as well as those details which no longer exist—creating a new constellation connecting past and present through this inspiring light-based public art project—bringing new energy to this majestic part of the Hudson River, and the Hudson Highlands State Park. Constellation is scheduled to launch in June 2015.


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About Constellation


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