SuperArtist Curriculum- Digital Copy-for Elementary School

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The SuperArtist curriculum is a 10-unit curriculum tailored for kids in elementary school, based on the 10 Principles of Creativity.

There are 10 key traits that are the foundation of what it means to Choose Creativity. These traits are what we call the 10 Principles of Creativity. Each principle contributes to a person’s ability to Choose Creativity, which supports resilience and success in life: Authentic, Expressive, Resourceful, Intuitive, Curious, Present, Unconventional, Inventive, Patient & Inspired
Instructors work with kids to develop a practical understanding of the principles by learning how to relate to each principle’s mantra, completing creative challenges that reinforce the principle, and earning badges. These activities are suitable for a classroom, an art room, a community space, or any other area where kids and their loved ones might gather to create together.

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We've created the SuperArtist Curriculum based on the 10 Principles of Creativity for kids aged 5-9. Help us get the program into the communities that need it most!

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