Challenge #6 -- Think Big, SuperArtist

Calling All SuperArtists!!!

This challenge is inspired by the unique creations made by Northern California-based SuperArtist Andres Amador. Andres, rake in hand, takes to the beach at low tide and designs fantastic large-scale creations in the sand.

Your SuperArtist challenge is to create your own extra-large artwork. Use Andres’ repetitive geometric designs and patterns in the sand as inspiration but the what/where/how is all you (and the help of family and friends if you want)!!!

To Begin --

Decide on the details of your creation. Then, make a small-scale sketch of your design to use as a guide for when you create it in a large scale.

Materials --

A stick for sand, sidewalk chalk for cement, paint for butcher paper -- this will be determined by your vision, SuperArtist!! Most important, think simple and think BIG!!!

Try to snap a birds-eye-view photo of your extra-large art and post to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*

***As a SuperArtist bonus, we asked Andres for some design advice and what it means to him to be a SuperArtist. Here’s what he said...

1) Any advice to give our SuperArtists for making their own sand art designs. Special technique advice?

Really, my advice would be 'just draw'. It doesn't matter what. It can be scribbles, doodles, words, or images. If someone has the capacity to visit the beach often, then this kind of playful exploration will have its own journey and development. Start small but think big. I use a rake, but a stick works just fine, especially for something done at a smaller scale. The beach is an enormous sketchpad, let the exploration have its own movement.

For more advanced designs, play with designs done on paper (I use flashcards as they are small and I can do a design on a card and then catalog and compare designs) and then translate the design to the beach.

On a different note, I recommend using sidewalk chalk to create large-scale art. Instead of graffiti on the wall, how about doing a design on the sidewalk. Think big! Go up to the second floor window and see what it looks like. Have fun!

2) As a "SuperArtist" yourself, how have you used art to overcome difficulties/obstacles/challenges in your life?

Being in nature is the best therapy to the stimulation and energy of city life. When I hit upon doing this art, I was living in the basement of a run down building in the center of town(!) The waves, the sand, the fresh air all allow the nervous system to relax. It is meditative. I love being on the beach and can see how positively it has impacted me.

The art is an extension of my inquisitive nature. I grew up in a difficult home life. I would get lost in the worlds I would create, art being one of those worlds. Legos were my favorite toys and I could spend long quiet hours building and playing.

I think perhaps the biggest therapeutic aspect of art is that it is purely creative- it is about the act of creation, which is life-affirming. In a world that can be confusing, upsetting, depressing, or scary, art is an act of positivity. The artist and the whole world benefits from this act. It is a service to everyone to create art and to express our spirit.


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