Challenge #10 — Let’s Handwrite, SuperArtist!

Calling All SuperArtists!!! This challenge is inspired by the beauty of handwriting, a child's in particular. You know, the backwards S, the curly tails of the g, the bubbly B — we admire handwriting with personality!!! This challenge is also in celebration of our little Leo who would be turning 4 at the end of this month. We love to imagine just how unique his written name would look at 4 years old. Happy (early) birthday, little angel! Your SuperArtist challenge is to create a work of art with its focus being on your everyday handwriting. Including your age in the work is a great idea too. In the age of computers, it’s important to remember that your handwriting is special and another way you SuperArtists can express yourself. To Begin -- Figure out whose handwriting you want to include in your work and how you want to display it. Just your own, or maybe your family members' and friends' too? What style do you want to showcase -- all caps, cursive, lowercase? Will you go traditional with your letters or add some flare? Then you should think about what you plan on writing -- that can be important too! A sentence? A line of poetry? A bunch of meaningful words? Materials -- Using paint might be a fun way to show off your handwriting. Or, thick or thin markers too. Maybe add some color as a background in your work to help your handwriting really standout. We love this fantastic example that we found on the wall at Dr. Tony’s office, which was created by him and his daughter together. (Doctors are SuperArtists too!) Dr. Tony rarely writes in cursive so he wanted to experiment with that look and his daughter went more traditional. Snap a photo of your handwriting design and post to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*

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