Challenge #11 — SuperArtist Stars!

Calling All SuperArtists!!!! This challenge is inspired by the incredible bursting colors and organic designs by French origami street artist and Master SuperArtist, Mademoiselle Maurice. Her artistic process begins with folding paper - lots and lots of paper. She then uses her folded origami to create beautiful layered designs that bring unexpected beauty to the average concrete wall on city streets across the world. This is also the perfect challenge to celebrate the colorful lives of our two original SuperArtists, Lulu and Leo. Thank you Lulu and Leo for inspiring us SuperArtists everyday!!! Your SuperArtist challenge is to create your own masterpiece on a wall, window, door, or dull corner made up entirely of paper stars. Don’t worry, these stars aren’t those complicated origami ninja stars — these 3-dimensional stars are simple and can be made by SuperArtists of all ages. Folding origami (or any repetitive process) can be very therapeutic and a great way for a SuperArtist to relax. You’ll need to be patient with this project, SuperArtist — there are a few steps to it and you may not complete it in one sitting. It’s all about the process!!! To Begin — Use this link to learn how to fold a 6-point star: Your star will start as a paper square and with a few folds, a snip of the scissors, then a few more folds, you’ll have yourself a 3-dimensional star. You’ll need to fold a lot of stars for this project, so a group effort may be required for this. Recruit parents or other SuperArtists to make stars with you. The more stars, the more extraordinary your masterpiece can be. Materials — For each star, you’ll need a piece of square paper and scissors. You’ll want to use several different square-sized papers and colors for your stars. Once you have a pile of stars, use tape or adhesive putty, placed at the top point of each star, to make a unique creation somewhere, anywhere! This extra-special star challenge will be your only challenge for the month, so take your time! Snap a photo of your star creation and post to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*

***As a SuperArtist bonus, we asked Mademoiselle Maurice for some design advice and what it means to her to be a SuperArtist. Here’s what she said… 1) Any advice to give our SuperArtists for making their own origami design? For creation, I think that one of the most important points is to listen to yourself, and to feel free to do what you want to do. The point of view of people around you is not important. You have to be happy with what you create, and listening to your own feelings is very important. You can express your anger, your happiness, positive or harder feeling, but in all the situations, creating and expressing your feelings can work as a therapy. For technical details, think that everything is possible, and with work and time, you can do whatever you want with no limits! 2) As a "SuperArtist" yourself, how have you used art to overcome difficulties/obstacles/challenges in your life? I think like everyone, we have difficulties in life, because life is life and doesn't make only beautiful presents. So everyone I think has to fight with obstacles, challenges and unexpected events...I am thinking sometimes "what doesn't kill us make us stronger…" The fight is very important, and the projection of a positive future is primordial. And Art is very important in the fight (even though life mustn't be a fight but a passion to defend) because it's a way to express your feelings. In my situation and with all the colors that I’ve used, it is for me like a real therapy which gives me positive feelings. The colors are everywhere in the nature, in the sky, with the flowers, with landscapes, insects, birds; and in my installation I try to put the same colors and movement to have the serenity of the natural elements, and the force of the nature. Art is the way also to lose your mind, and to concentrate on something else. When I am folding, it's like meditation, my hands are working and my spirit gone...


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