Challenge #12 -- The Unconventional SuperArtist

These magnets were created in collaboration with Etsy designer Wendy Loveland of GirlsDigPrettyThings using Lulu’s artwork.

Calling All SuperArtists!!!

This challenge is inspired by artwork created and displayed with an unconventional twist. With the help of Etsy designer Wendy Loveland of GirlsDigPrettyThings, we were able to take snips of Lulu’s fantastic paintings and turn them into colorful magnets...and our refrigerator has never looked better!!! Your SuperArtist challenge is to spice up an everyday object with a little of your SuperArtist personality. You can take this challenge in all sorts of directions because you're a SuperArtist! Re-purpose and decorate something that would otherwise be heading to the trash, like a cardboard box or container. Paint or decoupage** your artwork onto an inexpensive frame, tin box or glass candle holder. The holidays are coming up, get your creative juices flowing and come up with some unique and meaningful gift ideas. To Begin — Start brainstorming — is there an object in your house that is lacking a little color and personality? Everyday objects that have a simple shape may be easier to work with. Will you create a new artwork for this challenge or use something that you’ve already done? Make sure to discuss your ideas with your parents...surprise graffiti on a lampshade might not be too popular with them...but then again, maybe it would!!! Materials — The materials for this project will be up to you. Will you use Mod Podge glue and a brush for decoupage, special paint pens for drawing on unique surfaces, scissors and double stick tape for collaging? All ideas and materials are welcome, SuperArtist!!! Think outside the box and take your artwork outside of the frame! (and if it’s still in the frame, we look forward to seeing how you mixed it up!) Snap a photo of your unconventional artwork and post to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.* ** Decoupage is when you cut out pictures, glue (we like to use Mod Podge) the pictures onto an object using a paint brush and then cover the object and pictures with a few coats of glue to protect it.


*By tagging @lululeofund and using #lululeofund and #SuperArtist on Instagram, you give the Lulu & Leo Fund permission to re-post your SuperArtist picture on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The Lulu & Leo Fund may also use these pictures on its website and for event promotions.

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