Challenge #14 -- SuperArtist Cut-Outs

Henri Matisse, section of Nuit de Noël, 1952

Calling All SuperArtists!!! This challenge is inspired by a fantastic and very famous artist, Henri Matisse. Due to health problems in his 70’s confining him to a wheelchair, Matisse was no longer able to paint the way he used to. But in typical SuperArtist fashion, this didn’t stop him from creating art. As he described it, he began “painting with scissors”, cutting freehand shapes out of vibrant colored paper, arranging the forms on large canvases that now hang in museums all over the world. Your SuperArtist challenge is to create a Matisse-inspired cut-out artwork using your leftover holiday paper trimmings. As a SuperArtist, you are extra skilled at working with what you've got! So why not create something extraordinary and meaningful from the simplest of materials -- paper scraps. Matisse was certainly a master of this! To Begin — Start collecting scraps of holiday paper products — holiday card envelopes, holiday stamps and scraps of wrapping paper. For a bit of inspiration, do a quick online search to view more of Matisse’s cut-out artworks. It may also be helpful to watch this quick video to see how Matisse made his paper cut-outs. Materials — Once you’ve collected enough festive scraps, you’ll need the basics — scissors, glue stick and a large paper or canvas. Snip and snap away, experimenting with your scissors, creating organic shapes from the remnants of the holidays. Arrange, re-arrange and then glue down your papers until your masterpiece looks just right! If you like what you’ve done, maybe you can turn your art work into your families 2015 holiday card! Snap a photo of your Matisse-inspired work and post to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*


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