Challenge #15 — A SuperArtist Oops

Calling All SuperArtists!!! This challenge is inspired by a word you probably say a few times a day — oops!!!! SuperArtist Barney Saltzberg, author and illustrator of the book Beautiful Oops, reminds us that by using our creativity our mistakes can take on a beautiful life of their own. A hole in your paper or an accidental paint smudge is just the beginning -- it’s your chance to make a "beautiful oops," as Barney calls it. Let’s start this new year off with this fantastic SuperArtist kind of attitude!!! Your SuperArtist challenge is to turn an oops into something beautiful. This challenge will not require any special artwork. Nor will you need to intentionally make an oops for this challenge. Just continue going about your creativity and like always, an oops will inevitably occur. To Begin — Your oops may happen at home, school or after-school…and when it does, you may feel that urge to crumble up your paper and start fresh. Don’t panic and remember how a SuperArtist would face this kind of challenge. Turn that oops into something SuperArtist-worthy!!! Materials — Whatever direction your oops takes is up to you! You may want to camouflage it with crayons, change its shape using scissors or just fully embrace the oops by embellishing it with rainbow sparkles. Whatever you do, don't give up on your oops!!! The more practice you get working with your oops, the easier this practice will become for all parts of your life!!! Snap a photo of an oops turned beautiful and post to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*

***As a SuperArtist bonus, we asked Barney about his experience with oops in his life and what it means to him to be a SuperArtist. Here’s what he said… 1) Any personal stories about how you’ve turned an oops into something beautiful? Beautiful Oops was born because of teachers who have heard me present over the years. Two images in my powerpoint show how I turned my oops’s into art. I had spilled a cup of coffee on a sketchbook and turned the stain into a monster. A dog had climbed up onto my drawing table after being locked inside my studio. I cried when I came in and saw our frightened dog and then thought I was going to have to throw away my painting. I turned paw prints in to clouds after a while of staring at the painting. The dog helped me create a better picture. 2) As a "SuperArtist" yourself, how have you used art to overcome difficulties/obstacles/challenges in your life? I had trouble in elementary school. There weren’t diagnosis for ADD yet. I’m sure I would have been told I had ADD. (Have!) I had trouble with every subject except recess. Drawing became a way for me to feel good about myself. I wasn’t necessarily a ‘great artist’, but I found, at an early age, I could turn any squiggle into artwork. Drawing for me was how I liked to ‘play’. I also started playing guitar when I was 8. Even though academic courses were difficult, I didn’t shy away from teaching myself how to play music and to write songs. I couldn’t focus on school work, but I could draw for hours and hours, and I could play music forever. Music and art became my way of processing both sadness and happiness. Some people meditate. I dive into art and music. That always has centered me. Seeing Beautiful Oops in the hands of both children and adults has been amazing. Seeing in a book, my visual way of problem solving, has either confirmed other people’s way of fixing things, or has given some people a new perspective. Things they ‘thought’ were mistakes, are now seen as opportunities to create. I would say, that is pretty beautiful, any way you look at it.


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