Challenge #16 -- A SuperPiano

Calling all SuperArtists!!!

This may be your biggest challenge yet. Your creation for this challenge could inspire the design of a Lulu & Leo Fund piano that will live on the streets of NYC for two weeks this summer.

This challenge came to us through a couple of SuperArtists with a very big idea! Years ago, Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus, opera sopranos and co-founders of non-profit (and L&L Fund grantee) Sing For Hope, envisioned uniquely designed pianos placed all over the 5 boroughs of NYC, giving all people the access and ability to play and listen to the music of a piano in places they’d least expect one. In 2010, Monica and Camille brought their idea to life with 88 pianos (which are then donated to community organizations). Again this June, you’ll find the Sing For Hope pianos bringing music and joy to NYC.

The Lulu & Leo Fund has the opportunity to sponsor and design one of the pianos when they return to NYC this summer.

Your SuperArtist challenge is to send us your most fabulous design idea to help inspire our L&L Fund piano design. We, and the L&L Fund community, will select our favorite idea(s) submitted by you SuperArtists which will then be incorporated into our final design.

To Begin —

Start by printing out this image of an upright piano:

Your idea should be inspired by something that is meaningful to you as a SuperArtist, words you’ve read or simply a bold design that would look super snazzy on a piano placed on the streets. We want you to send us your best, most well thought-out design concept, so you may want to include your family members' ideas in this great brainstorm. Precise drawings and details are not important here - we want to see your overall concept. Make sure your design can be flexible and easily adaptable to the unique shape of a piano.

Materials —

The simplest of materials - crayons, markers or craypas - will be perfect to convey your piano design concept. Be bold with the colors you use. Don't play it safe with your design!!!

We would love all of your participation in this challenge!!! Please send us your piano design ideas via Instagram, FB message or e-mail ( by Monday, February 9th. We will narrow down the submissions to our very favorites, then the L&L community will vote on their favorites!!!

** If you're feeling extra inspired, you can take this challenge to the next level, and envision how you’d design other everyday objects, like a chair or chest of drawers. Always remember that you should submit your design ideas to your parents before you start actual work on that project!


*By tagging @lululeofund and using #lululeofund and #SuperArtist on Instagram, you give the Lulu & Leo Fund permission to re-post your SuperArtist picture on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The Lulu & Leo Fund may also use these pictures on its website and for event promotions.

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