Challenge #17 -- SuperArtist Fingertips

Calling All SuperArtists!!!! This challenge is inspired by the crazy wintery and non-wintery weather we’ve been experiencing this past month. On one coast, it’s roasting and on the other, it’s frigid. Just being outside or looking out the window is enough inspiration for a SuperArtist to create something magical! Challenge #17 is also inspired by SuperArtist Patrick and his fantastic SuperPiano design. Patrick used the technique called Pointillism, which uses lots and lots of tiny dots in different colors to form a picture. You’ll see that Patrick depicted a bright sunny sky on his SuperPiano. Do you think he is dreaming of warmth and sunshine? Your SuperArtist challenge is to create an artwork showing what kind of exciting weather you’ve been experiencing lately using the Pointillism style and your fingertips. Instead of dwelling on the nuisance of wintery weather, let's celebrate it!!! To Begin — Think about the weather the past few weeks where you live. Blue skies and beach weather or grey skies and star-shaped snowflakes - both are equally inspiring!!!! You may want to start with a light pencil sketch of your "wintery” scene to help guide you when you begin applying your fingertip dots. Materials — For this project, you’ll need 3 - 6 colors of paint (or ink pads) and a piece of card stock, colored paper or even a stretched canvas. Apply the dots using your own fingertips, gently dipping your fingertip in paint, then pressing your finger onto your paper to apply dots...over and over and over again!!! If painty fingers aren’t your thing, use a paintbrush or q-tips. Overlap dots and blend colors. Be methodical, remembering that each dot is important in the creation of the larger image. Thanks SuperArtist Patrick for the inspiration!!! Snap a photo of your fingertip pointillism artwork and post to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.* Note: SuperArtist Patrick used MoMA Art Lab app to create his SuperPiano in the pointillism style.


*By tagging @lululeofund and using #lululeofund and #SuperArtist on Instagram, you give the Lulu & Leo Fund permission to re-post your SuperArtist picture on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The Lulu & Leo Fund may also use these pictures on its website and for event promotions.

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