Challenge #18 — SuperArtist Sanskrit

Calling All SuperArtists!!! This challenge is inspired by the ancient Sanskrit word for circle — mandala. Mandalas are powerful symbols and appear in nature and architecture in cultures all over the world. Making mandalas is a special way to express and connect with yourself and the world around you in a calming way. SuperArtist mom and florist, Melissa Glorieux, spent several weeks in South Asia and has been creating fantastic, nature-inspired mandalas in all four seasons ever since. Can you tell which season and where each of Melissa’s mandalas were made? Your SuperArtist challenge is to create your own unique mandala. The inspiration behind your mandala can come from anything that is meaningful to you — nature like Melissa; your toys (a Lego mandala?); or even from your art supplies. To make one, begin with a center point. From there, build layer after layer, placing and overlapping doodles or objects, of all shapes and sizes. Continue building outward from the center until you feel that your mandala is just right! Your eye will draw in towards the center as mandalas are always symmetrical. To Begin — When you begin your mandala, pick a peaceful place to create. Your mandala can be made anywhere, at anytime and can be as simple or intricate as you want. Your mandala is an expression of you - you can’t go wrong with that!!! Materials — You can create your mandala using just about anything! Use colored pencils and draw one on paper, print one from the internet and color it or create one from objects you find in nature and beyond. Choose colors and shapes that make you happy. Making mandalas should be peaceful and fun! Snap a photo of your mandala and post to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*

***As a SuperArtist bonus, we asked Melissa about how she makes her mandalas and what it means to her to be a SuperArtist. Here’s what she said… 1) Any tips on making your own nature-inspired mandala? My best tip for making nature mandalas is: keep it simple. And let your surroundings be your inspiration. I usually start with a strong element for the four directions and let the circle flow out from there. What I love about them is that I have to be very in-the-moment while I am making them. And when I’m done I walk away. Maybe someone else will come across it and appreciate it, or maybe it was just for me. Most of my mandalas are very simple. I make them on nature walks and I often have kids or dogs with me. If it’s a windy day, keep it very simple. Save the detailed nature mandalas for a solo walk on a wind-less day. 2) As a "SuperArtist" yourself, how have you used art to overcome difficulties/obstacles/challenges in your life? I truly believe in the power of intention and visualization. Making art is one of the few times I naturally, easily become present in the current moment. This has helped me in challenging times because it has allowed me to rest from nagging thoughts and worries. And, time spent making art also allows my true feelings and hopes to percolate up and out into the universe so they can manifest.


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