Challenge #21 -- SuperArtist Making Waves

Calling All SuperArtists!!!! This challenge is inspired by our upcoming collaborative chalk art project, inspired by the wave boardwalk in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with SuperArtist Michael Miller. A "collaboration" means that SuperArtists are going to create something great by working together. This chalk design is going to be HUGE (meaning extra-large), so let’s start preparing ourselves on how to make our unique mark in this great chalk collaboration!!! In preparation for this, Michael will be serving you your SuperArtist challenge!!! From Michael -- For our May 9th collaboration, each SuperArtist (the more, the merrier!!!) will be designing a small section of our Rio-inspired boardwalk. Let's get our creativity going by thinking about a single wave rolling in from the sea. Imagine what the wave would look like if you put it under a microscope and you were able to see it really close up. What kinds of lines and patterns, unique designs and details would you see? Perhaps the wave has even carried with it tiny treasures from far off lands, like seeds or flowers or shells. You’ll only need a paper and a colored pen for this warm-up exercise. Start by drawing a wave, then fill it with lines, dots, shapes — any design you could imagine seeing if you looked at a wave super close-up. Just think — with your special designs, you could be revealing the wave’s innermost secrets!!! Snap a photo of your close-up wave and post to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*

*** As a SuperArtist bonus, we asked Michael about what it means to him to be a SuperArtist. Here’s what he said… 1) How do you get your creative juices flowing? What kind of things inspire you? I always feel inspired when I look at the work of other artists! It’s so interesting to see the things artists decide to paint, the way they paint them and the wonderful colors they choose. Everyone is a SuperArtist with a unique vision, and the more we look at other people’s work, the more we learn! I also like to listen to music when I paint. Sometimes the music I choose is quiet and peaceful and it allows me to get lost in my work. Other times it’s loud and full of energy. But not too loud - I get on well with my neighbors, and I want to keep it that way! 2) As a "SuperArtist" yourself, how have you used art to overcome difficulties/obstacles/challenges in your life? Art allows us to see things in a fresh way. Even simple objects we see every day - like fruit, cups, saucers or our own shoes - can be transformed into things of wonder when we paint or color them. When I face challenges in life I remember that art is like a kind of magic that allows us to see things in a new way. When we create, we can overcome challenges and do extraordinary things!


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