Challenge #22 — SuperArtists Play a Wish

Calling All SuperArtists!!! This challenge is inspired by the lovely sounds coming from our completed L&L SuperPiano! Just two week from now (June 5 - 21), fingers big and small will play the Sing for Hope pianos on the streets of NYC! Let’s get ourselves ready to "play a wish" on the L&L piano!!! Your SuperArtist challenge is to write a piece of music that you will play when you sit down at our L&L SuperPiano (or any piano, if you can't make it to NYC). This is going to require some real imagination because, most likely, few of us really know how to write music. But it’s really fun to pretend that we do, so let’s get to work little Mozarts!!! To Begin — Start by doing a little research on how music is written for a piano. Instead of the ABCs and 123s, you’ll be writing your music using bar lines, treble clefs, notes and rests. You may want to print out examples of the different musical symbols.

Materials — A black pen, white paper and a ruler is all you'll need. You can go traditional in your style of writing music with notes carefully placed on the bar lines or you can take your own unconventional approach to writing your song with musical symbols going every which way. You may even want to come up with a title and write lyrics for your special song. Don’t forget your music when you sit down to "play a wish" on the L&L SuperPiano which will be located on The Mall in Central Park! Snap a photo of your piece of music and post to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*


*By tagging @lululeofund and using #lululeofund and #SuperArtist on Instagram, you give the Lulu & Leo Fund permission to re-post your SuperArtist picture on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The Lulu & Leo Fund may also use these pictures on its website and for event promotions.



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