Challenge #28 — SuperArtist Commute

Calling All SuperArtists!!! This challenge is inspired by your Monday through Friday commute to and from school. One of the best places to look for inspiration and ideas is in our everyday life! Your SuperArtist challenge is to create an abstract artwork made with only masking tape inspired by your route to and from school. To Begin — Retrace in your mind how you get to and from school, whether it be by car, bike, bus or foot. Think of the rights and lefts you take, the hills you climb and the big streets you cross. Then, think about how you will translate this route into a creation using only masking tape! Materials -- For this project, you’ll need a simple roll of masking tape (plain beige, colored or even patterned), scissors and a paper. You may want to add extra detail or labels with black pen. Create an abstract version with overlapping, ripped tape strips filling your page or a more precise, detailed version by trimming your tape with scissors. Take this challenge even further and create an entire map of your neighborhood or school with masking tape!!! Post your masking taped school routes to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.* Photo: Public Art Installation by Mary Carter Taub Vinyl wrapped transit bus model, commissioned by The Office of Public and Cultural Arts, Town of Chapel Hill, NC, 2013 About Mary's "Mobile Mural" -- "I was inspired by everyday road mark patterns found on city streets like double yellow lines and the zebra stripes in crosswalks. My work is all about blurring the boundary between art and everyday life. I believe that art can happen anywhere, anytime, any place. That is why I enjoy making public art -- to reach a broad audience in everyday, run-of-the-mill locations (bus, moving truck, cross walk, playground -- all of which have housed my installations)".



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