Challenge #29 — SuperArtist Principles

Calling All SuperArtists!!! This challenge is inspired by some big fancy vocabulary words that we think are really important for a SuperArtist to know and understand! We like to think of these words as a SuperArtists' inner most superpowers. Because as we all know, being a SuperArtist is about so much more than just being a good artist. It’s really about reminding you that you handle anything with your creativity. We call these fancy words the SuperArtist principles and they’ve inspired us to create a 10-week SuperArtist curriculum for schools, community centers, libraries, etc. We hope these principles (and their corresponding challenges we've created for the curriculum) can help kids of all ages learn to tap into their inner SuperArtist. For each SuperArtist principle, we have created a “mantra” or an easy way for you to understand and remember what the principle means. We want all kids to know that they can always count on their inner SuperArtist to help them in all parts of their life! Shall we unveil the SuperArtist principles...? A SuperArtist is:

AUTHENTIC -- My ideas come from who I am. RESOURCEFUL -- I can make something from nothing. CURIOUS -- I like to learn new things and try out new ideas. UNCONVENTIONAL -- I can do things in unexpected ways. PATIENT -- I know my best ideas take time. EXPRESSIVE -- I can share my feelings in different ways. INTUITIVE -- I trust myself and what feels right to me. PRESENT -- I pay attention to myself and my world. INSPIRED -- I get ideas from the world around me. INVENTIVE -- I come up with and use good ideas in all parts of my life. Your SuperArtist challenge is to choose one of the principles that best describes you and use the principle and mantra as inspiration to create a drawing or artwork. To Begin — Have a discussion with your family why these SuperArtist principles are important. Start experimenting with using the words in your everyday conversations. Point out examples in your everyday life. Try to memorize the mantras. Start recognizing that these principles are inside you already — they are your own personal super powers!!! Materials — You’ll need a piece of paper and some colored markers. On your paper, start by writing the principle and the mantra. If the “Curious” principle resonates with you, then make a drawing showing ways you are curious. If you feel like you are really great at making something from nothing, then do an artwork inspired by the principle “Resourceful.” If a past artwork you've created exemplifies one of the principles, this counts too. You've been using these principles all along your SuperArtist journey without even knowing it!!! Great job! Post a photo of your SuperArtist principle artwork to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*



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