Challenge #30 -- SuperArtist On-The-Go

Calling All SuperArtists!!! This challenge is inspired by the original SuperArtist On-The-Go Bag. These bags, given to kids of all ages, contain the basic supplies for maximum creativity and give a SuperArtist the ability to create anytime and anywhere. Your SuperArtist challenge is to assemble your own version of a SuperArtist On-The-Go Bag. The holidays are fast approaching and that means lots of visiting family and friends — think of ways you can adapt this idea to your own life. You can give out On-The-Go Bags to your cousins for some Thanksgiving creativity or wrap them up to give as holiday or birthday gifts for friends and family. Even better, pack up a dozen or so and distribute them to kids who may not have any creative supplies at home. This is a project for the entire family! To Begin — Brainstorm some of the items that you’d want to include in your SuperArtist On-The-Go Bag. Browse through a school supply catalog to get ideas. Think practical vs extravagant! A visit to a local dollar store or an office supply store is a good start. How about things that would usually get recycled? An On-The-Go Bag is just a small sampling of various items that you can create with! Depending on the occasion or use, it can be filled and re-filled with whatever creative supply you want. Materials — You’ll want to start by choosing a container to hold the supplies - a small pail, (clean) plastic takeout food container or bag will do. An original SuperArtist On-The-Go Bag contains the following items: a pencil and sharpener, clipboard and paper, glue stick, tape, colored pencils, scissors and a baggy of everyday scraps. This is just the beginning though - include the supplies that spark your creativity! Create a handmade label and your On-The-Go Bag (or container) is ready for use! Post a photo of your version of a SuperArtist On-The-Go Bag with a list of the contents to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.* *The above SuperArtist On-The-Go Bag will be given to young attendees of an upcoming wedding. It includes scissors, glue stick, washi tape, cray-pas, pencil, markers, graph paper, origami paper, colored string, beads and pipe cleaners.



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