Challenge #31 -- SuperArtist Strings

Calling All SuperArtists!!! This challenge is inspired by the elegant string collaborations created by SuperArtist Laura Ricciardi at the recent Lulu & Leo Fund benefit. With the help of L&L supporters, Laura used embroidery string as her main material to wrap around and around small nails in the shape of a heart to create a dramatic geometric effect. What a great example of a SuperArtist being UNCONVENTIONAL! Your SuperArtist challenge is to create your own unique artwork using string…in an unconventional way! We are all a bit wound up from the excitement of the holidays. Let’s unwind a bit using our creativity!!! To Begin — Brainstorm creative ways you can use string to make something look a bit more interesting. Imagine wrapping it around and around something, like a twig or branch, using many different colors. Or, wind string back and forth around push pins arranged on cardboard or cork. Swirl the string, knot the string, cut the string — the challenge here is to experiment being unconventional using the simplest of materials! Materials — Gather up some interesting string, ribbon or yarn. Raid your grandmother’s knitting yarns, snip some standard kitchen twine or pick up some colorful embroidery floss from your local craft store. Even better, wait until the holidays and use an assortment of leftover ribbons and strings from gifts and make this a family challenge. Whether you glue your string down in swirly layers to construction paper or pound small nails directly into a lonely wall or board to create a maze-like string pattern like Laura is up to you! Post a photo of your string creation to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*

Laura's 'CHOOSE CREATIVITY' story for her benefit artworks: "I had set up the (nailed) heart & it was ready to go, when I realized that maybe it would be too small & there wouldn't be enough to do for everyone who wanted to participate. So, I decided to make another one to use after the first one got filled up. But I couldn't find another piece of weathered wood that looked interesting & different & would work with a heart shape. So I got a simple wood panel, and started nailing in the letters for "choose creativity." Well, at one point, the wood just was not cooperating! It just wouldn't hold the nails in, and I remember getting so frustrated & feeling like I didn't know if I could finish the piece, and I literally thought to myself, "OK, the SuperArtist principles! You are resourceful! You are unconventional & inventive! You can find a way"! I think every artist, no matter what age or how experienced, struggles with creative confidence. What's amazing to me is how kids seem to instinctively have that creative confidence. I just love watching them create things without putting any limits on themselves. I think we all need those reminders sometimes. I thought it was so interesting & poignant that the backstory of the "choose creativity" piece is itself a testament to the SuperArtist ideals. I was struggling with how to finish the piece with the wood that would no longer hold the nails, and by reminding myself that to be creative is to be resourceful (& unconventional & authentic & inventive & present & all that the SuperArtist is about), by literally telling myself that I was choosing creativity (over giving up), I was able to finish the project. I love how in the end, the people who participated turned the piece into something that really does convey the idea. On one side, it was chaotic & messy, and on the other, it was focused & clear & full of energy! And if you look closely, you can see the spots where I tried to put the nails in & pushed through to find a different way of bringing the idea to life. It just felt so magical to me. It's something that all of us need, no matter how old we are, what we do, where we live, what our experiences have been." Learn more about SuperArtist Laura Ricciardi here!



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