Challenge #34 -- SuperArtist Theme Song

Calling All SuperArtists!!! This challenge is inspired by the art of memorization. Some very smart scientists who study the brain agree that information set to music is the easiest to remember (...ever had to memorize the 50 states? Aha, these scientists are thinking the way a SuperArtist does! Let's practice memorizing the SuperArtist way! Your SuperArtist challenge is to come up with a simple tune to sing that incorporates the 10 SuperArtist principles. This SuperArtist jingle, which can be inspired by your own original tune or one you already know, will be the perfect way to commit all 10 SuperArtist principles to memory, so you’ll never forget these important superpowers within yourself! To Begin — First off, let’s refresh our memory of the 10 principles — A SuperArtist is Authentic, Unconventional, Resourceful, Patient, Present, Inspired, Intuitive, Expressive, Curious and Inventive. These will be your lyrics. Next you’ll need to come up with a catchy tune to sing them to. Whether you rap the lyrics, belt it out as an opera or sing it as a duet with your dad will be up to you! Materials — Using pencil and paper, write your lyrics (mostly you’ll need to arrange the principles in an order that sounds good to your tune). If you are extra inspired, add extra lyrics like 'Choose Creativity' to your song but the goal of this challenge is to memorize the 10 inner superpowers. Once you put your tune and lyrics together, you’ll need some rehearsal time. Perform your song for your family members, then take a video of your performance to share with other SuperArtists. Post your SuperArtist theme song video to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.* Bonus: Try memorizing your address and phone number using this technique while you're at it!



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