Challenge #35 — Random Acts of a SuperArtist

Calling All SuperArtists!!!

This challenge is inspired by the selfless gesture coined a ‘Random Act of Kindness.’ These small gestures of kindness that help or cheer somebody up can be performed by anybody. Let’s replace the word kindness with creativity and get started on our challenge.

Your SuperArtist challenge is to write a list of ‘Random Acts of Creativity.’ This list will celebrate the spontaneous moments of creativity in your everyday life. You’ll want to give yourself a high five when you realize just how creative you are on a daily basis.

To Begin —Start thinking about a typical day in your life. Take note of your spontaneous acts of creativity. Admiring the passing clouds, taking the scenic route to school, listening to a new genre of music…these all count. Being creative doesn’t just involve crayons!

Materials —Start jotting down your ideas on a nice clean sheet of paper. If you are tech savvy, use the computer or mobile phone. You may get inspiration from something you already do or would like to do or haven’t even thought of doing until you started this list. Assemble your list all at once or jot down your ideas as the day goes on. Challenge your friends and family to come up with ideas or make their own lists -- creativity is for everything, everywhere and everyone!

Post your 'Random Acts of Creativity' list to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*



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