Challenge #36 -- Cast of SuperArtists

Calling All SuperArtists!!! This challenge is inspired by the iconic little books written and illustrated by Roger Hargreaves. With characters named Mr. Forgetful, Little Miss Sunshine and Mr. Small, Hargreaves created an entire cast of characters inspired by descriptive words. But what about Little Miss Inspired, Mr. Patient and the 8 other SuperArtist characters? Your SuperArtist challenge is to create your own cast of SuperArtist characters based on the 10 SuperArtist principles -- authentic, unconventional, resourceful, curious, expressive, patient, inspired, inventive, present and intuitive. To Begin — Get to know your characters by doodling and experimenting with different lines, shapes and colors. Will your creative characters have giant eyes, no limbs and crazy hair? Be unconventional and inventive -- think animated cartoon character vs realistic! Materials — Your characters can be created anywhere with anything -- with colored pencils on a napkin, a stamp pad, fingerprints and a black pen or even from cut-up paper scraps or leftover fabric. Name them and if they have a story like Roger's characters did, write it! Whether it be Sir Curious and Lady Inventive or Expressive Eliza and Patient Peter, you'll always have these characters to remind you to Choose Creativity. Post your cast of SuperArtists to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*



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