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Challenge #37 — SuperArtist Catalog


Calling All SuperArtists!!!

This challenge is inspired by those thick weekly catalogs that arrive in your parents mailbox. Home decor, furniture, cooking appliances — all the products on the pages look so neat and tidy, don’t they? This is definitely an invitation for a SuperArtist to get busy!

Your SuperArtist challenge is to add some life to the pages of a catalog. The beautiful bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens really need some sprucing up. Let’s make sure that a SuperArtist lives there!

To Begin —
Gather the mail and choose a catalog that interests you. Page through it and tear out some pages that you could have some creative fun with.

Materials —
Colored markers (or even the dreaded Sharpies) would be nice for your catalog additions but a ball point pen would work too. Draw yourself jumping on a Pottery Barn bed or having a massive food fight in that spotless Williams-Sonoma kitchen — this is your chance to do whatever you want in the house!

Post the pages of your SuperArtist catalog to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*

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