Challenge #38 — A SuperArtist’s Challenge

Calling All SuperArtists!!!

 This challenge is inspired by our upcoming celebration of creativity on June 18th. This will be a day to celebrate our creative Superselves. We will also be sharing all the beautiful ways people, big and small, are getting creative, whether it be at work or at home or through cooking or writing or music or yoga -- the "Acts of Creativity" list (challenge #35) can go on and on! Your SuperArtist challenge is to create your very own SuperArtist challenge for you and your family to take part in on June 18th. This "create-your-own-challenge" challenge is for the entire family and can be done anywhere -- on the soccer field, at grandma's house, on an airplane -- the more exotic the better!!! To Begin —
 Start with the inspiration for your challenge. It could be a material you've never worked with, something you saw on the street, nature, a quote, a song, a story, an artwork, a project you’ve wanted to do but haven’t found the time for, a subject you love, anything! Once you’ve picked your inspiration, think of all the ways you can turn that inspiration into a fun, open-ended SuperArtist challenge. 
Materials — The materials here will depend on your challenge. Challenges could be super simple, like making up your own secret handshake, or a bit more detailed, like a treasure hunt outdoors. Take turns with your family members coming up with challenge ideas, then completing them on or around June 18th. Better yet, come up with challenges for your friends, then challenge them to challenge their friends! What's important is that we are all flexing our creativity muscles together on June 18th! Before June 18th, email ( or post your SuperArtist challenges to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*



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