*Flash* Challenge

Hey all you SuperArtists -- regardless of where you live, we’ve got a *Flash* SuperArtist challenge for you in preparation for our Choose Creativity celebration on June 18th. Let’s get in the Unconventional, Resourceful and Inventive state of mind. Check out a few of the materials we’ll be using for our Choose Creativity project. In the comments below, share with us the very first thing that pops into your head when you see each of these materials. Then answer this: What would you do with these materials?

We’ll get you started…

#1 The Muppets #2 Metallica #3 rainbows #4 ears

With these materials, I would...make a very fancy belt!

If you're nearby Hippo Playground on Saturday the 18th, stop by between 10-11:30am to have some fun with us!



Everybody has a CHOOSE CREATIVITY story!

Visit choosecreativity.org today and commit to creativity with us. We will officially be launching the full site in 2016.

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