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Challenge #32 -- SuperArtist Cleanse

Calling All SuperArtists!!!

This challenge is inspired by the calm after the storm of the busy season of giving and receiving! We found a little peace of mind after browsing the website Things Organized Neatly (http://thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com/), curated by Austin Radcliffe. Here you will find photo submissions of all sorts of objects organized really quite neatly! Let’s think of this post-holiday challenge as a little SuperArtist cleanse!

Your SuperArtist challenge is to pick a collection of items to organize neatly. You may take your inspiration from a new toy, the materials in your art center or a stack of holiday cards.

To Begin —
Take a walk around your home or favorite space — anything jump out at you as something that could use a little straightening up in the most creative of ways? Sifting through the mess may be a bit intimidating but this could be the kick-start you've always needed to get organized.

Materials —
As you can see from the website, anything goes here. You’ll see everything from a clothes pin mandala...

a colorful nail polish collection organized into a spiral...

a collection of yellow objects laid out in the most balanced of ways.

Once you choose your objects, tinker with them, arranging and rearranging them on the ground or a table until your organization seems aesthetically pleasing to your eye. Don’t forget, less is more, so keep your organization clean and simple!

The goal here is to take a deep breath, be present and respect “your stuff"! Post a photo of your “Things Organized Neatly" to our SA gallery @lululeofund on Instagram.*


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