Here is a brief outline of things you’ll need to consider when organizing a SuperArtist event. Your event should be an organic, inexpensive, creative experience that is easy-going and fun!


The Vibe

  • What type of event will it be? A more structured educational workshop, a more casual playdate style, a creative meet-up, or a collaborative project, to name a few


Location, Location, Location

  • Location will probably be the most important determinant of how many attendees you can accomadate

  • For a park location - high kid traffic is ideal, preferably with some picnic tables, close proximity to a bathroom, remember to reserve or arrive early

  • Have a back-up plan in case your first location does not work out

  • Rainy day? Have an alternate rain date or move the project indoors

  • Bring it to an after-school program, a children's hospital or a community fair



  • Planning a birthday party? Make it a SuperArtist-inspired party!

  • School/community fairs and after-school programs

  • School vacations, holidays, special celebrations and summer months


The Guest List

  • Decide who your event is for - kids, families or a group of your adult friends (we love the idea of parents and children working together!)

  • Tap into your networks and spread the word about your event via email, social media, mommy groups and the L&L Fund Facebook page

  • In a public location, encourage new friends passing by to participate


Choosing the Project

  • Many past SuperArtist challenges can be adapted for a SuperArtist event but wouldn’t it be more creative to come up with your own project?

  • Check our SuperArtist Ambassador Blog for even more project ideas.

  • Pick a simple project with few formal steps

  • Consider doing a large, collaborative work where all participants create together

  • Use the world around you to inspire your project - incorporate nature and the built environment

  • Consider the ages of your SuperArtists so projects are appropriate


The Set-Up

  • For a park event, bring balloons, streamers or a sign to encourage SuperArtists to participate – all are welcome

  • Materials will depend on your project but for more open-ended projects, a few of the following will do: paper, crayons, markers, water colors, paint, pipe cleaners, beads, brushes, stamps, stickers, glue, scissors, twine, clothes pins, glitter, magazines

  • Have enough materials to share

  • Keep your area clean with paper table cloths, newspaper or butcher paper

  • Be practical, organized and mindful - use recycled materials, box lids can double up as supply organizers etc

  • Have a container of baby wipes for dirty hands

  • Have a large trash bag for clean up


Photo Opportunities

  • Take photos of your set-up and kids at work

  • Share your photos with the L&L Fund via Facebook, Instagram or e-mail them to us at

  • If you are going to take photos and share them with us, make sure your guests give consent. We recommend a photo release form, especially when you don’t know all of your guests


Spread the SuperArtist Word

  • Refresh yourself on what it means to be a SuperArtist and the mission of the Fund

  • Use our flyer with information about the SuperArtist program

  • Encourage others to become SuperArtist Ambassadors and host a SuperArtist event in their community

  • Have a computer or tablet available so that attendees can sign up for SuperArtist challenges, purchase L&L t-shirts or make a donation



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