What is a SuperArtist Ambassador?


A SuperArtist Ambassador is someone who helps spread the word about the SuperArtist program by hosting a creative SuperArtist gathering, meet-up, playdate or workshop in their home, local school, park or community center.


What is a SuperArtist event?


A SuperArtist Ambassador event is a creative gathering led by an artist, author, musician, parent or caregiver for SuperArtists of all ages who want to get creative. The goal is to create a fun, positive, artful environment where event attendees will do a project that encourages them to tap into their inner creativity. SuperArtist events can be casual or formal and as small (2-3 people) or large as you’d like. Events can be hosted anywhere; at your home on a snow day, a local school fair, library, hospital, block party, birthday party or at a farmers market! 


What kind of project should I do at my event?


Our SuperArtist challenges & SuperArtist Ambassador blog are good places to get inspiration for project ideas.

Here are a few characteristics of a SuperArtist project to help you get started:

  • SuperArtist projects are about practicing creativity and not about becoming a better artist.


  • Projects are simple, accessible and open-ended.  They only require basic materials and encourage rule-bending and free thought.


  • SA projects encourage individuals, families and communities to approach life in a creative way.


 What are the steps to plan a SuperArtist event?



  • Complete an online SuperArtist Event Form before your event.  We will provide you with informational materials about the Fund and our SuperArtist Program to share with attendees of your event. You can help us raise money at your event by selling SuperArtist t-shirts if you'd like.



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We've created the SuperArtist Curriculum based on the 10 Principles of Creativity for kids aged 5-9. Help us get the program into the communities that need it most!

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