James told me tonight, "When I'm a SuperArtist, I can make anything!"

– Kelly, California


I just wanted to let you know that the Lulu & Leo Fund has inspired me so much. I am now using art as a way to cope with and heal my anxiety and depression. Without Lulu and Leo I wouldn't have found out how amazing and peaceful it is to do art.

– Elizabeth, North Carolina


Everyday our mission is to teach our children and other children about the beauty of art and creativity. Every drawing I see is special because it was created with love. After seeing Lulu’s art I started to understand and appreciate the artistic minds little ones have. I no longer saw it as scribble scrabble but rather something much deeper. Seeing kids express themselves through drawing and painting really made me appreciate art and the way I view it. 

– Abigail, New York


The Lulu & Leo Fund has added color to so many families' daily routine in so many different ways. Whereas I used to cringe at the thought of messy art project, I now embrace them. We love the SuperArtist program so much. It's such an inspirational way to get children involved in new projects. My girls get so excited when we get a new challenge email.  They read it immediately and start planning their projects.

– Nicole, Pennsylvania


Thanks for opening our minds and hearts to new experiences!

– Michelle, California


I love the SuperArtist Program! My house is full of SuperArtists in the making. This is a perfect way to connect as a family!

– Florence, California


We are not typically an artistic family but your SuperArtist campaign and an oversized piece of paper inspired me to have the three of us sit down to do art together tonight. Thanks for the inspiration.

– Jennifer, California


My daughters are so excited to be part of this inspirational initiative!  We are looking forward to the next challenges, they are a great opportunity to spend a creative time together.

– Charis Elena, Cyprus


Thank you so much for your creativity, the idea of the SuperArtists is awesome and we are looking forward to many more challenges…keep on going!

– Ellie, Germany


Our daughter is really excited to be a SuperArtist and I'm grateful that we can be part of this great and inspiring project. It allows us to spend more funny and inspiring moments with our children. 

– Eva, Spain


The idea of Daisy’s, her very own “Inspiration Area,” has come about from the Lulu and Leo Fund’s SuperArtist program and Daisy’s sense of herself now as a SuperArtist doing important work.  Thank you so much, Marina and Kevin -- your program has had a transforming effect on our family.

– Sarah, California

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